New Year’s Eve Dinner Random Meeting

As anyone who ever reads any of my journals, they’ve seen that I have the weirdest coincidental meetings. Well, tonight, was yet another one. Andrew, Sean and I were sitting down at Eliza’s, one of the most unique Chinese restaurants in a very residential area near Fillmore street, when I noticed that someone looked like a guy that I had gone to school with in Tokyo. It was so uncanny, and impossible I thought, that now in San Francisco, I had randomly run into 2 other class mates during my year abroad in Tokyo, that it couldn’t possibly happen again. So, I went up to the table, and said, “This is going to sound strange, but did you go to school in Tokyo?” Sure enough, it was Travis, who was in my J5 class the first semester in Japan. So funny, the thought of having met so many people randomly in my life. Anyhow, it turns out he was just in San Francisco for New Year’s, and was living in New York now. Anyhow, it was cool, and we exchanged our contact info, and maybe we’ll be in touch.

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