New Year’s Eve Festivities

Today we went to the grocery store, and it was complete madness. Not to mention my purchase of 40+ Milka items on sale! So, we planned for the evening’s festivities, and welcomed Judith, Joann, and Tim to Jürgen’s. So, that night, we had a really traditional German dinner with a little oven, that you mix different ingredients: (potatoes, ham, etc,) and top it with cheeses. It was SOOO good. Then, towards midnight, we went out to the snow covered hills behind Jürgen’s to watch and set of fireworks. It was so beautiful. The night was so clear, and from every point in Frankfurt, you could see fireworks going. It was such a peaceful sight, I really really was so thankful for being with such great people for New Year’s. That night, we sledded a little down some hills, and just had a great time. We also found out that if you put a raisin in wine, it will continuously go up and down like an elevator. If you get a chance, try it. It will provide lots of laughs of disbelief. We also played a “lead” game. You boil lead on a spoon, and then throw it in water, and everyone tries to see what form it has: bird, plane, snake or what not, and get a fortune from it. It was funny too.

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