Noosa National Park

Marie, the Finnish girl and I, headed for the national park this morning to do a short hike. What I didn’t realize is that the short hike was going to be almost a half day hike. The morning was beautiful, sunny, bright and clear. We walked through the trails in Noosa National Park and chatted away about her job in China and her life there. It was quite interesting. We found some secluded beaches and swam in the water, toasted in the sun, and continued our hike. We then came to Alexander Beach, and wandered our way down there for a bit. After this, I was getting concerned about the lack of water and food we had brought, so I thought it best for us to return back instead of continuing on the other direction. We did, and we made our way to a deli to get some food for the beach.

That evening I had dinner at the hostel and it was quite good! Walked on the beach in the evening and looked at the sand sculpturer’s latest creation.

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