Off to Cabo San Lucas!


Andrew and I started off our journey in the morning, with last minute shopping, eating, and packing. We went to the Oakland airport to board our Southwest jet down to Ontario California. The flight was fine, and when we landed in Ontario, we were faced with such a struggle trying to move from one terminal to the next. It is one of the most poorly designed airports, with no indications on how to go where and why. The weather was nice and warm, and I always think back to my internship in Ontario, and remember how nice having warm weather everyday was. Once we got to our right terminal, we tried to stuff Carl’s Jr. down our throats before boarding the AeroMexico flight down to Cabo. Needless to say, it was tough.

This flight, something really caused my ears to go haywire. It was awful, they were popping, squeaking, and all this hooplah. Finally we landed, went through customs, which consisted of a red light, we check you, green light, go through type of random searching. It was really funny–reminded me of something I’d see in Russia. After we got through, we went to a group taxi where we waited to go to our hotel. On board were different people from all over the US. Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, we all piled into the van for transport to the hotels. It turns out that we met Jason and Renée from SLC, and they turned out to be such a funny couple, and they too were staying at the Hotel Finnisterra.

Once we checked into the hotel, it was a struggle again to find our room. We found what we thought was the back sliding glass door. We were given key cards to get in, but there was no card reader. So we went around and around trying to find the front door, only to be told that that was indeed the front door, and we were given card keys by mistake. At that point, we went to change our room.

We then went to dinner at the hotel, and had a Mexican over-priced buffet. It’s sad that this part of Mexico has become so infested with foreigners, that the ‘median price’ for dinners was about $30. Even our subway sandwiches the next afternoon were $14. Anyhow, after dinner we went to downtown to check out the marina and the bars and stuff there. We met up with Todd and Rob, two guys from LA, and they too were staying at our hotel, so we made plans to sit at the pool with them the next day. We then wandered around and went back to the hotel for a nice sleep.

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