On the ICE to Marburg, Germany

This morning I woke up early to get all my stuff together for my trip to meet Judith. I got a take out breakfast from the hostel (oh yeah, the breakfasts were really good there–french toast, pancakes, eggs..etc..) and headed to the station, and had my Eurail pass validated. Then I boarded the 9:04am train (ICE) to Köln (Cologne). Of course, I didn’t know really where to sit on the train, I just knew I had to get on. As luck has it, I end up in first class =) So, I sit in first class thinking that the whole train is this luxurious for almost an hour, so I opened up my breakfast to eat. Then the conductor comes by looking for my ticket, and he explained that I didn’t have a 1st class ticket. So, I acted surprised about my foolish blunder and asked if I could just finish breakfast, and then move since no one was there. He said that was fine, and I moved to 2nd class. It was a nice train ride, but the seats all around me had been reserved by Dutchmen, so I had to listen to the beautiful glotteral sounds of the Dutch language the whole time. Finally I arrived at Köln and got out.

=) Joann and Tim you know what I’m talking about, and if Diane is reading this, she’d laugh too.

So, I get out of the station at Köln because it’s right next to a huge church next to the station that we visited during winter this year. I just couldn’t help but laugh though when I came out and saw the McDonald’s there on the corner!! haha.

inside joke–

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