Parasailing above Airlie Beach


Today, I headed out in the morning again for the Lagoon, and came upon Mathias and his girlfriend (I keep referring to her as girlfriend, because she has a difficult name that I know I’d never spell correctly). They were going to take a catamaran out for the day, but it was closed both days, so they came with me to the Lagoon to hang out. After lunch, I headed to the Jetty to see about parasailing–there was an opening at 2pm with a girl so, we went up together. She was from Germany as well. There were 4 of us, and the two women went up before us, then we got suited up, and we took off to the bright skies. They told us we could hang upside down and such, so we did just that! At the peak of our sail, we both hung upside down, arms dangling, looking at the gorgeous blue waters, laughing and screaming from the thrill, and trying to take in the amazing sea below. They then stopped the engines to let us float to the water, dipped us a little, then sped up and sent us soaring to the top again, and then began to reel us in. Once we got near the boat, the guy lifted up the engine cover and said he had a problem with the propellers– asked us if we could see anything. As we drifted closer wondering what was going on, they sped the propeller up to drench us! and then dunked us into the water again! We had an excellent time! After that, we headed back to the lagoon, and I again met up with the other germans, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the waters, listening to the ipod, and thinking about what a wonderful life I continue to pursue :)

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  1. Hi Benjamin!

    We are just arrived back in Brisbane and currently really tired and exhausted. Nevertheless I thought I should write you the name that you were so affraid of writing down. It’s Teresina and I must admit that it is not really common. :D Now I have to catch up with some assignments in the next days but you can be sure that I stay in touch with you.

    It was a real pleassure to meet you and you’ll get a CD with pictures next week if you meet Teresina.


    PS: Natrually greetings from Teresina as well.

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