27-12-07-043.jpgToday, Masha and I took Grisha to the pediatrician. It was quite an interesting experience to see what the doctor’s office looked like, and how they have documentation for his visit. Apparently in Russia there are districts that you are part of, and as such, you are assigned a specific doctor. So you have to wait for your specific district’s doctor to see you. She also had a book that had all these stamped documents of information about his shots, background, etc.  After the pediatrician’s office, we came back home and had lunch. After lunch we headed out to take Grisha to a New Year’s party at Red Square. Here I met up with Evgeny and we walked around while Masha and Grisha were at their party. We then came back for a good dinner at the house and Katya joined us for the evening. It was so great to have everyone together and chat about everyone’s lives. We’re still waiting for the snow!

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