Photoshoot at the Blue Moutains

three_sisters_profile.jpgToday, I headed up to the Blue Mountains after my work at Paddington Markets with a photography buddy to shoot the ‘Three Sisters’ rock formation in the Blue Mountains, northwest of Sydney. It was great to get out of the city for a little while and see some other terrain. Our drive went by quickly, and one thing I noticed that was quite funny about Australian Motorways is the fact that there are hardly any overpasses. We would see a sign that says, service stop/restaurants, yet since there are no overpasses, they have built a mirror image of the services/restaurants for both sides, because you can’t cross to the other side. It was so interesting–it was like a gocart roadway that just goes off to the side, then there’s a row of the gas station and restaurants, then it goes back into the road.

Anyhow, once we arrived at the site, we set up our tripods and started capturing some beautiful moments of the sunset alongside several other photographers. The wind started picking up and it really felt like winter all of a sudden, and the crisp cool air made me think of being in a ski village and wanting to sit next to a fireplace with hot chocolate. The full moon made it a very special night to photograph as well, and you can see my photos on my images site.

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