Pompeii and more meetings

This morning I got ready to visit the ruins of Pompeii. While I was sitting outside with everyone having breakfast, the bus stops, and my friend from Florence, a guy from Holland who stayed in the hostel with me, steps off the bus. How funny. Neither of us knew that we would be going to this place, so it was cool to see him. Anyhow, I leave and get on the train and head for Pompeii. With Mt. Vesuvius in the background, you come across these ruins right next to the station. € 10 entrance fee was quite steep, so I opted to deny any invites for oral tours. I did however, the scammer that I am, follow around a Japanese tour for a good hour, learning about how the Romans used to use certain materials, live, and work. Little things like holes in the water fountain to prevent overflowing or something may not be obvious to the regular beholder unless someone points them out. Good thing no one suspected this white boy from Tennessee to be scamming out a Japanese tour. Anyhow, this place was amazing. I mean there were still signs for shop names, public spas and baths still with lockers and benches, a brothel with stone beds and pillows with a menu of services painted above. Tick marks along the wall also were easily seen, along with a bakery, and several fast food restaurants. You see a pizza oven and it looks the very same as those ovens they use today. The fast food marts had counter tops with circular holes in them for the pots of fresh foods.. So cool to see how preserved this place was, and I felt like I had stepped 2000 years back in time. I also met up with some guys that were in the hostel with me in Venice randomly in Pompeii, so we all headed back to Sorrento for lunch.

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