Random Meetings, and Red Lights after 10pm??

Before Joe and I headed out to shop, we ran into Nick and Sidney, two guys we met previously, and then in Ipanema, we ran into Rudolf who was on our tour to Ihle Grande. It was funny, because it’s beginning to feel like we’re part of the city if we go out and run into people we know.

So Joe, Melissa, Jackie, Melissa’s roommate and I all went out to dinner together. Joe and I had gone to Leblon to shop for some jeans, to no avail :( We met and then walked a while before we took a taxi to our destination of a very cute restaurant with chic design. We had a nice dinner, and learned how to call waiters/waitresses with this cat call psteuuu. It’s how Brazilians politely call for service–something we’d be smacked for back in the states– so interesting! We had an excellent time chatting, and then headed to Cafeína for dessert. It was chocolate overload.

After our outing, we headed back towards Copacabana in a taxi, and at red lights, he would just drive through. After I asked Melissa what was going on, she said, Rio set up a law that allows you to go through red lights past 10pm because of hijackings late at night?!

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