Relaxing on gorgeous Ipanema


This morning, we woke up to the sounds of life in our apartment block. We have rented an apartment in the locale of Posto 6, one block away from Copacabana. It’s perfect location and we are really happy with it. After a quick granola bar and a bottle of water, we headed off to Ipanema to find some shops for a bathing suit for Joe. We found some great shops, and we ended up wandering around the area just looking at stuff. Once on the beach, we met Don who just moved to Rio from San Francisco. His two friends are visiting from San Francisco as well, and we set up camp at the beach right there. Joe got a henna tattoo and I tried my first cup of the Brazilian Icee made from fruits–it was excellent! It’s a dark mixture of fruits that almost looks like Coca Cola, mixed with ice, but then has granola flakes on top of it. It was really good! After a couple of hours on the beach, we found out from Don that there is a festival tonight with cultural music from the North, barbecues and food out on the streets–so we will be heading there tonight.

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