Sail to Ihle Grande and Angra Dos Reis


Today, we were picked up EARLY in the morning for our trip to Angra Dos Reis, one of the most beautiful beach areas in Brazil along the Green Coast. It’s about 2 hours south of Rio along the coast. In our tour was a guy from Belgium, and another guy from Germany. Our guide, Ricardo, was a cool Carioca from Flamengo, and quite friendly. When we arrived to the docks of the colorful village set along the side of the hills, we saw others waiting on board already. We hopped on board, and got situated where we could lie down on the rooftop and get some sun.

We started off into the water and headed for our first stop to one of the tropical islands. We went down the ladder and hopped over to the beautiful fine sands. We played with our newly bought Brazilian toy that’s like a birdie in badmitton. Only problem is, it hurts like anything when you hit it with your palms, so it grew old quickly.

We then were called back to the ship where we sailed to our next destination–a little bay area where tropical fish were swimming everywhere. We jumped in and played along side the fish while they were being thrown pieces of fruit from the boat–We also picked up starfish which were HUGE! One guy even put one on top of his head, and it was like a sombrero it was so large.


We then had our lunch, which was chicken, potatoes, and salad. After lunch we sailed off to our last island stop which had an old church and a few people who lived there. It was quite odd, because it seemed to be just about 2 families that lived on this desolate island. We walked around the island behind the church and back around to the beaches and played a little in the sand, and harrassed a crab to pose for a glamour photo.

We then got back on board and sailed back to the docks at Argas Dos Reis, and got into our van. The trip home was long as traffic going back into Rio was really backed up and the fumes were horrible. We both have a headache now from the pollution–the air was so stagnant today, there was such a haze when we left Rio AND when we came back.

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