San Telmo, Danielle, Melanie, and DIRTY concrete


Today I headed for the fairs on San Telmo. The day didn´t start out well, as my taxi ride was 3x the amount it should have been. But then, after wandering around the cobblestone streets of San Telmo and arriving at a café, I had a nice sandwich for lunch. My stomach hadn´t been feeling too well from a meal the previous day, a shishkabob with not-so-cooked chicken. Anyhow, after I finished my meal, 2 girls came upstairs where I was sitting, so I offered them my place. They then asked me where I was from, and we started up a big conversation. Turns out Melanie is working as a missionary in La Plata, and her sister Danielle was just on holiday visiting, about to start her freshman year at the University of GA. They were nice girls, and I stayed for their lunch as well.

After their lunch, we headed out and wandered around looking at all the little trinkets and street performers, including a miniature horse. We then ended up in the Plaza de Mayo, where the Casa Rosada looks out over the square. Here is where Evita gave her famous speech, as well as Madonna, from the balcony.

I then took the girls to the bus stop where they were going to head over to La Boca for some Tango sights before they headed back to La Plata. As I was writing my contact information, I felt a liquid hit my hands and BRAND NEW Leather jacket. I thought it was from a pigeon at first, but then these two strangers came over and started rubbing it off of us. The girls had it all over their backpacks and pants, and my poor jacket I thought was going to be ruined. After some water and delicate rubbing, it seemed to come off, but just in case, I left the girls and headed back to Galleria Pacifico, where I bought my jacket to ask what I should do. It was such a foul smell, and the guy at the shop identified it as a cement of some sort — any how, they said the jacket would be fine after it air dries…

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