Sayonara japan

This morning I got up an just rekaxingly had breakfast and watched tv. Kano came over for a while as well. I got my things ready to go and started the long waiting game.

After breakfast we web outside with the neighbors daughter whom I hadn’t seen for 10 years. She was now a senior in college.

We took pictures down by the river and then went back in for me to get my stuff for my long journey home.

I caught an earlier train in typical trotter fashion and headed to ikebukuro to change trains to nippori, changing then to the skyliner direct to narita airport. Tokyo international airport isn’t even close to the city so it’s a journey in itself to get there.

While at the airport, I exchanged m left over money and had lunch.

I then mosied to the gate with no real interesting notes, but boarded and sat next to a nice couple tom sf.

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