Sick in Paradise??

Unfortunately, the globetrotter came down feeling ill–mainly just achy pains and such–quite flu type symptoms. I headed out with Peter, Kara, Elenor, and Ryan to see the Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. After a windy drive up the mountain, we saw the clouds hovering above the canyon, and I desperately was hoping that it wouldn’t abstruct our view. My luck started running out as the canyon was completely filled with clouds and you couldn’t see past about 10 feet in front of you. We stopped for lunch and looked at a museum about the history of Kauai. It was interesting, but I just wasn’t feeling my best. We then headed back down the mountain and on our way home, I thought it would be good to stop by the Spouting Horn at Poipu since we were already over that way. We looked out at the horn, which is this lava hole that gets hit by the waves from the ocean underneath and spouts up with a hollow sound of a horn and spouts water like geyser. It was cool to see something like that since it’s completely natural. After the Spouting Horn, we headed back towards Lihue to go home, especially as I was starting to not feel well at all. I ate a little bit of dinner and headed straight to bed.

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