Split, Hvar and Brač, Croatia

Arriving in split after another bus ride, I was immediately thankful for not doing many more bus rides across the country. The roads winding Around the coast made for quite strenuous and exhausting rides.

Once out of the bus, I looked and quickly found the hostel I’d booked was literally across the way from the bus station. It’s exactly what I wanted to see.

I got settled and headed out to explore the old town and find some dinner. split was really lively and had a great vibe about it–not one that would make me stay longer but one that made me see why people do enjoy to come here.

The next day I decided to take a day trip to hvar island, and got the ferry in the morning. The weather turned bad and started to pour down rain literally as I stepped off the boat.

Overlooking hvar city is a fortress that you can hike up to to take amazing vantage points if the surrounding islands below. I was glad I’d bought the umbrella in Sarajevo, but even more happy about the forethought of bringing it with on my day trip.

After wandering around a but the rain started pouring harder and I went to seek cover in a cafe and have lunch. I had one of the worst burgers ever and left about half of it on my plate.

After leaving the cafe I found another one that I got more food at and had another snack. The rain finally let up and I continued walking around the island and enjoying the fresh sun and smell of rain water evaporating from the hearing cement.

It was soon time to board my ferry back home. That night, I went to a great restaurant thy had been recommended by a girl I met in Greece, it was great. Fresh ingredients, prepared in front of you, and small and intimate kitchen like setting.

After dinner I wandered around the old city more and got a good nights sleep.

The next day I got my stuff ready to leave and spent the day enjoying the beach. I met a nice German couple who had a shirt that had a company name with ‘knoxville Tennessee’ written on it.

I went to the water which was just knew high, a little chilly but nice, and watched everyone enjoying playing games in the water. I went a but further out to swim and then headed back to dry and go back to get my boat over to brač.

After a nice ride to the island I figured out where the taxi stand was and went to get checked into my hotel. I found it online and the deal was really cheap as a last minute special, but after riding a good 20 minutes away from civilization, I saw why.

As we pulled up to the runoff on the side of the road, it looked like an abandoned place except for a couple of cars out front. I walked in and saw a girl who was very cute, and quirky and shy. She and I spoke for a bit and she showed me to the room which was a maze of disorientation in this compound. The room was huge, no windows but a great big door that could be shut with shutters to make a cave. Here I could hibernate and recoup for the next part of my trip.

So that I did. The next morning I met a Belgian couple at breakfast and they were going down to the town for the day, so I joined with our equally handsome son of the manager, Ivo. The two seemed like brother and sister, but made it clear they were not.

Ivo graciously drove us down to the town and there we went our separate ways, and I found myself wandering towards the beaches of zlatni rat, an incredible horn shaped protrusion from the island that apparently changes shape during the seasons, truly showing the power of tides.

I spent the day swimming, sunning, relaxing and then went to lunch a different beach nearby. During my walk I found a hilariously fun obstacle course in the water that looked like one of those American gladiator things. So after lunch, I bought my ticket and joined all the kids (big and little) through the obstacle course laughing as people fell on their faces, slipped of to the water, and so on.

That evening, I came back and say by the pool. There were 5 Croatians sitting drinking smoking and partying and they asked me to come sit with them. After their second attempt I agreed and sat and was given a drink which I had to drink due to peer pressure :)

We talked a while and they graciously invited me to join them to go party in Bol, but I stayed back and had dinner and watched cnn.

The next day I went to the north part of the island to supetar, again with the Belgians. They were leaving today and I joined them to their boat. I explored this part of the island a bit, had lunch, and made my way back home for dinner.

The next day I hung out at the pool until the afternoon and chatted with maya the cook. It was fun to be there a whole to get to know them and I enjoyed the chats.

Ivo was there to drop me off at the airport. The airport was tiny and on top of the mountain. Another prop plane, and I thought well, this is the last one of this trip (I think!).

Leaving brač, we got beautiful views of the islands hvar and brač before heading inland towards Zagreb.

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