Steamboat Dinner? Not quite.

The first day of CLP (Centralized Learning Programme) was quite intensive, and just a preview of what the next week was going to be like. We already had assignments and presentations that we have to prepare for, and class is held from 8 until at least 6. By the time we get back from the office, it is already 6:30 – 7 and after dinner it’s almost 8. Then with whatever assignments we have to do and such, we’re left with absolutely no time to enjoy ourselves here. This is really making the time go by quickly.

After class, one of our colleagues offered to bring us to a strip of restaurants down at Marina Bay South. It was to be a really nice area and a great view. Once we got off the subway, there were some random Steamboat BBQ people with vans there waiting to offer us all we can eat for S$10 ($5). So, since there was a group of us for about 13 of us, we decided it would be ok (except me, who has been in Asia and knew what we were getting into). Once we got to the ‘steamboat’ which was just a name and nothing near the water or anything inside a boat, there were a bunch of picnic tables, and makeshift grills that you were to cook your live shrimp, and raw meat picked up from a common plate in the main ‘buffet’ area’ to cook yourself. Since it’s the beginning of the trip, I opted not to eat any of the meat, and stuck with the fresh vegetables.

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