Sushi Train

Tonight, I went out to eat sushi on one of those conveyor belt type things. I was quite excited because of their creative creations–which I haven’t seen much of since leaving San Francisco. We ate, and ate, and continued to eat, until we had about 10 plates stacked up. The way these places work is the plates are colour coded and priced accordingly. Since we were seated at a table, we kept going back and forth to the conveyor belt to see other plates. However, during our last time up, we were chatting and trying to figure out which thing we actually wanted as our last pieces. During our time up at the conveyor belt, the waitress thought we had left and cleaned our table off. When we got back, it was like we started over. The waitress came by and looked confused, as we did back to her. She said did you pay already, and we said, no we just got up to get more sushi. (Cue free food). So she said, well, I guess you guys can just start over.. Sorry about that. So our $100+ meal went for about $20 total. Guess I’ll go there again!

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