The Amazing Mandarin / Moroccan Partnership, according to an American

So, I went to the Faculty of Econ/Business Welcome Orientation yesterday and met up with Andreas, the Swede that I’ve been able to meet since I’ve been here. After the orientation, they had a meet and greet with some professors, and mentors. I also met another American. When she was asking about my background and why I came here, I had told her about my degree in Japanese and joked that it should have been in Mandarin. Her response?

“Oh yah, Mandarin is the one that’s got Moroccan influence, right?”

I was quite shocked and just as I responded that Mandarin has nothing to do with Morocco, she tried to find out another M place that would affect Mandarin– so I suggested Mongolia, which she beamed with a ‘You Got It!’

Anyhow, the dinner was nice, and I met one of my professors for Business Communications, so he seemed really cool. So I’m looking forward to it.

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