The Civil Ceremony

Today we woke to get ready for the Civil Ceremony of the wedding of Judith and Ulf. The morning was hopping with everyone getting ready, eating, and prepping. We drove to the town center where we found the other participants in the ceremony–except the Best man! As the time got closer, there was a little bit more anxiety around him being late. We went into the town’s ‘city hall’ and sat in the waiting room before we entered into the next chamber. Finally the Best man arrived, and there was a sigh of relief. In the next chamber sat a heavier woman who would officiate the ceremony. She went through some speeches and made sure everything was set up correctly before we held the ceremony.

The next chamber had a sitting area around the main desk that the woman was sitting at. She went through page after page saying things. Finally at the end, she declared them as married.  We then went out front and people were throwing some rice and had a big sign in congratulations.

We then drove back home and had all sorts of cakes and coffee and ‘Donatella’ :) Many of the people hadn’t seen Judith’s house yet so they got the full tour. In the evening we had a great soup that basically tasted like pizza!

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