The Fight on Gay Marriage

Obviously this is a hot topic as of late, especially with Dubya trying to ‘give what the people want’.

I was reading a funny article by a straight author writing about the issue:

But gay marriage would make a mockery of marriage! And that?s the job of heterosexuals, right? Can they possibly screw it up worse than straight folks? The divorce rate?s higher than 50 percent, and couples are bailing out of marriages quicker than ever; something like 60 percent of married men and 40 percent of married women have extramarital affairs; and their kids who aren?t busy shooting their classmates are packed with so many pills they sound like maracas when you shake them.

An 86-year-old sleazeball can marry an 18-year-old dominatrix, and that is sanctified. Larry King can marry for the seventh time, and it?s sanctified. Britney Spears can get married and annulled quicker than you can say “publicity skank,” and it is sanctified. Yet a gay couple that has stuck it out through better and worse for 40 years, being exemplary neighbors and citizens the whole while, pose a threat to marriage? It is legal for them to marry, of course, just not to each other. They could go out this afternoon and marry a total stranger, so long as it?s someone of the opposite sex. That?s the law. What?s left to mock?

This leads to the point of the interference and segregation of Church and State. The whole issue is that the institution of marriage has been governed by both, and rightfully so–(keeps benefits, organization to partners throughout the nation). However, for the state to govern that marriages can only be between a man & woman simply defies civil rights laws. Church should be the only one that governs what two beings will be ‘recognized by God’ but should have no say in a Constitutional Ammendment. Anyone who pays taxes and has a Social Security number should be able to be recognized by the state as a couple, if they choose to be.

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