The Huge Merlion


The next day, we headed off for Sentosa Island where the huge Merlion is found. We had to board a gondola, that took us a good 20 minutes to the island. We were so high up! When we got out, the island was like a complete theme park. It had beaches, parks, butterfly gardens, and peacocks roaming around everywhere. The biggest landmark of course was the Merlion standing perched above the highest point looking over everything. It was quite a sight. We never lost our way because you could see him from practically every point. We then went to the beach to swim a little. We found that at the beach was the Southernmost Point of the Asia Continent. So, that was fun to at least “know”. We then went back to the Merlion and went inside and climbed to the top. At the top, you get a grand view back at the main island of Singapore, and then directly opposite, you could see islands of Indonesia. You can climb to the head, or look out the mouth. After that, we wandered around more, and came upon a man with a huge snake that would let us hold it for a small price. So, of course, Keiko and I just upped the snake on our shoulders and I donned a turban and vest and did the whole charming deal.

That night, we watched a fantastic laser light show. It was right in front of the Merlion, and the lights and music were fabulous! At the end, the Merlion’s eyes turned into lasers also, and went everywhere! It was an awesome sight. That was a great end to an awesome day!

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