The Singapore Zoo!

The next day was planned for the Singapore Zoological Gardens. This was the best place! The zoo was so amazing! The animals roamed freely (like monkeys and such) around, while the more vicious ones had some type of natural barrier between the spectators and them. The nature within the gardens was so full of plantlife I had never seen before. Really it was like a jungle, with paths everywhere leading to different places that animals lived. We watched different shows, and I actually got to sit right next to an orangutan!

The most famous thing to do also at the zoo, is to go to the night safari, which has been recognized world-wide for its magnificence. So, of course, we went along too. It started to get really stormy though, but it was perfect. The night safari is a park with hyenas, lions, giraffes, and everything else, that you can take a little train through at night and see them in their habitat. The coolest part was after the train ride, walking through the jungles with the lightning in the background, you could see the giraffes in the shadows. It was truly awe inspiring.

This was the last day for Singapore. We left the next day at the train station for Malaysia. On our way back from Malaysia though, we stopped back through Singapore for one more day of playing in the city.

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