The Top Dog

So Joi and I went to the joint called Top Dog over at Oakland City Center for just a snack mid afternoon. As we ordered our top-dog, I looked on the floor, and on top of the black mat that all the cooks would walk on, was a dirty spatula. This spatula sat on the floor abandoned for our entire order, until the cook noticed it, picked it up, and placed in with the other spatulas used to cook our hot dogs and buns. Question: When did our young society learn to not regard others with consideration?

One thought on “The Top Dog”

  1. last time this happened to me i was in a pizza place in town. it was nearing the end of the night and one of the employee’s was loading up a basket with plastic knives from a box. he dropped the box on the floor and most of the knives ended up scattered all over the place. he then started loading the ones that fell on the floor into to the knife bin that customers take from. i was shocked, so i told the manager. the manager looked at me and said, “man, that sucks, i wish i saw it because i would have yelled at him”. i was furious, the next morning i called the Westport, CT board of health and reported the restaurant, telling them the complete story. they were more than pleased to hear from me, like there was now fresh meat to go and attack. they went ahead and visited the restaurant and called me back with the report. the restaurant was placed on warning because i guess this wasn’t the first time it happened. i felt much better after this occured!

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