The year of 30.

2009 has started off to be a great year so far. For the first time in long while, I finally feel settled, and ‘at home’ with my life in San Francisco. It’s taken a couple of years, a rocky employment situation, and a consistency with people to finally feel situated, but it’s great to feel there are things that I can depend on again.

It’s strange to think how fast time went by last year. Usually my life has been punctuated by big events of travel, excursions, an ambition of doing something new, but this year, despite doing most of those things, it seems that those punctuations aren’t as loud. I guess I’m finally in a routine now, and with routine, time flies. I am happy that I was able to go to Russia last year, and I even made it back to Chattanooga. I also did a quick trip to New York as well, and an even quicker trip to Hawaii. All in all, the year flew past, and I’m excited to see what this year brings.

For all of those born in the year of the Sheep (羊) or 1979, you know this is our year of turning 30. There are scary things about moving to another decade of life, but with turning 30, I feel like I’m reflecting on everything that I did in my 20s. Unlike when I turned 20, I hardly thought about what I did when I was 10.

It has been 10 years since I moved to Tokyo to go to school. Japan has always been a dream of mine and that year was one of the best years I’ll ever remember. The excitement, the youth, the freedom of being a student, the soaking of information was all just more than I could dream about. To celebrate 10 years of ‘relative absence’ in Japan, I’ve decided to go back to Japan to celebrate my 30th birthday. I can’t think of a better destination for this special occasion, and I’m already planning meeting up with old friends, seeing my old school and apartment, and creating itineraries for discovering new friends, new places, and new experiences.

Be sure to visit during my trip this spring to watch as my journey unfolds of visiting Japan during it’s most culturally significant time of year, the Cherry Blossom Season–the time of new beginning.

3 thoughts on “The year of 30.”

  1. Hey, Mr. Almost 30, we’ll wait for your posts from Japan. It’s especially interesting to us as we never been there.

  2. Ben, great posting (it’s about time!) Glad you got your trip for Japan arranged. 30 years old sounds crazy.

  3. You are a good writer, Ben. I read somewhere that this year is the “Year of the Panda” – which I think will be a great year for you!

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