Train to Chiang Mai

We took a cab with ALL our stuff to the train station to meet up with Pop and everyone. Surprisingly everyone was on time! We were really glad to see everyone, and we knew then it would be such fun with everyone for one last time. We boarded the train, and got situated for the 12 hour journey ahead of us. Needless to say, we passed a lot of interesting country sides–again reminding me of my trip to Russia, how I had to ride the train for 20 hours instead, but just as interesting. The landscape was really interesting, with mountains and fields everywhere. We finally arrived at night, after a nice ride–we all got to renew our friendships again, and got to know everyone a little bit better. I especially enjoyed my talks with Whitney, who will be writing a book soon about her life experiences including some interesting stories about her mother’s life as well. Such an interesting girl. We were greeted at the trainstation by the 2 aunts and a cousin of Pop. We were all shoved into a small open back truck, which ended up to be our main way of transportation…so Thai!! We got to our guest house, properly named, Ben’s Guest house, got our rooms, which were really nice. I mean, it should be since we paid a whole dollar fifty. =) So, we went back out with the cousin, who was about 28 or so, and went out to a restaurant on the river. It was really nice, and I had a great brownie sundae–that chocolate fix again. We came home, by that same mode of transportation, and got to bed.

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