Train to Kuala Lumpur

Because of the convenient location of Singapore at the bottom of Malaysia, we decided to take a train across into Malaysia. This trip was not only going to be interesting, but relaxing too, as we opted for a side trip from Kuala Lumpur, to a little desolate island located at the border of Thailand an Malaysia called Langkawi. We left our hotel in the morning to go to the train station. Unfortunately, I got there, and realized I had left my passport in the safe at the hotel. So, I had to travel a lone all the way back to the hotel located in the Muslim section of Singapore. I got back fine, but ran the entire way to and from the train stations to save as much time as possible, because we didn’t want to miss our train. Our train went straight for Kuala Lumpur. Well, to say straight is a little misnomer, because of how many stops it took for us to get there.

After a good eight hours of riding the train through jungle terrain, we arrived in KL. We arrived at night, and had a nice dinner at Pizza Hut, where we saw the fattest man I had ever seen in my entire life. Anyhow, after dinner we went to find our hotel which I had booked from the internet. We had an awesome view of KL at night, given that the Petronas Twin Towers were towering and sparkling at night. It was truly a magnificent sight.

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