Train to Sorrento, Italy

This morning I got up and got on the train for Naples. This was a nice ride just because you go along the coast for part of the way. Weird thing was we stopped at some random stop (It was supposed to be nonstop), and I saw a lot of smoke coming from our car. So I went to the window to try to see what was going on, and more and more smoke just shot out. The Italians were like, oh its ok, but I don’t think everything is ok when the use of a fire extinguisher is necessary. Anyhow, they put out whatever was going on, and continued along our way to Naples. At the station there, I changed to a private line and headed for Sorrento, a little village perched on the side of cliffs on the Mediterranean. Sooo beautiful. When the train approached the station, it was going through a tunnel of trees bearing oranges and lemons. So awesome.

I made my way from the station to this hostel, seemingly the only one in Sorrento, but its cheap at a mere €14 a night. So, once I get there I meet Japanese people, then others from the states. The Americans of course all hung out and we all went out for some nice dinner. I had my first try at gnochi, which is funny because it reminds me of the Japanese MOCHI, its a dumpling that is kind of sticky, and is put in tomato sauce and eaten like a pasta. Dinner was nice, and then we headed for GELATO! I cant get enough of this ice cream here!

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