Train to Venice with Ali and Sandy

So this morning I went to the train station with Daniela to say goodbye to Salzburg. I had such an awesome time, but I also want to see Pompeii, so I decided to leave, among some other issues. The train trip was really cool. I think the coolest thing about traveling alone is that you have the opportunity to meet so many new people, and other travelers, and the conversations are so fun. So I was sitting in the compartment alone, and someone asked if that train went to Venice. I explained that it did, and that we must transfer trains at a city called Villach. So anyhow, he invited me to his and his friends compartment. There was Sandy, and woman from Michigan and him, Ali, traveling through Europe together. They were so nice and we had the best time just chatting about what was going on within our lives. It really makes a difference when you can chat for 6 hours, instead of looking out the window or whatever. Anyhow, the trip was really nice, the scenery again gorgeous with the mountains. On the way to Italy you cut through a large mountain chain. The trip wound down when Luke, a guy from Australia asked which station was the St. Lucia station, which was the end of the line. So, he joined our chat, and it turns out Luke has been traveling for a long time… since SEPTEMBER of last year! So, he is about to wind down his 9-month world vacation. He bought the Round-the-World ticket, and has been traveling to really nice places..


So, once we got off the train, Sandy and Ali departed for their hotel, and Luke and I waited in line to make reservations for a hostel. He phoned a hostel while I waited in a never-moving line to the Please, one at a time Tourist Information Office. So, needless to say, Luke reached a hostel faster than this line moved, and we headed off to catch a Gondola for our hostel. Our hostel is located on one of the bottom of the map islands that faces St. Marcs Piazza. So, we hopped on, and rode our way to the hostel.

After Luke and I checked into the hostel, we went for some PIZZA! Ok, so of course though, if you think of what Venice looks like, there are no cars. Its really a cool place. Canals everywhere, boats toting people every which way. So, my point though, is that from a Logistics standpoint, products such as food and drink are moved into the city only by boat, thus raising the prices of the dinners and such. So we wander our way through the tiny alleys and such of the city, and happen upon a restaurant in a little square. We figured it was out of the way and pretty non-touristy, so we decided to try it. The pizza was great, and was € 7.50, so we thought it was a good price. It was big, so fine, € 7.50 plus a coke would be expected. However, when the bill came, there was a gratuity included, plus a seating fee of € 1.29 EACH. How stupid is that? So, our bill ended up to be € 15 each, so we decided that will be our one dinner for the time we are here. You can find good sandwiches and such for € 3.10 everywhere, so that will suffice while we are in Venice.

Ok, now Venice you think would be hopping at night. We found out when we checked into the Hostel that we have a 11:30 curfew, so we were pretty disappointed at that. So we walked around the pathways throughout the city taking pictures and stuff and just hanging out. Luke is really cool to talk to so it was good we met. So, anyhow, my point is Venice is NOT a hip and happening place past 8:00. Everything practically shuts down for the night around this time, and everything’s dark except for the street lights. So, we headed back to the hostel, and everyone is just sitting out in front waiting for the lock in. That is another place to meet some cool people.

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