TV Tower of Alex

Toward the big television tower at Alexander Platz we headed, and once we maneuvered our way through the streets to this huge tower, we went inside to view from the top at the observatory. Here you can see an amazing view of the city. What’s so amazing about this view is the way you can really see the sides of East Germany and West Germany. Why this is so noticeable is simply by the architecture of the buildings. On the right side, all the buildings were slabs of white concrete, and reminded me of my time in Russia. On the left were huge mansions of red tiled roofs, and more colorful interesting architecture. It was really unbelievable to see this sight. We then went back down the tower to SUBWAYS for a snack. Then we started feeling raindrops. Raindrops=trouble for biking.

We finished our snack and tried to haul it back to the rental place. We were actually thinking of keeping our bikes for the 24hour deal, but since it started raining, we thought we should go ahead and return it by 6:00pm for a cheaper rate, but it was 5:25 now. So, as we were peddling as fast as we could through the traffic of Berlin, we were getting soaked and worried because of the storm, and that if we missed the 6:00 deadline, we would have done all this in vain. So, as lightning crashed, and we were getting drenched, we finally found our way back to the rental place at 5:56pm. We were cracking up with how close it was and how wet we were. It was really a funny site to see us trying to cross the streets in front of traffic and such!

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