Ukranian Restaurant, Night Tour, Bowling.

img_0703.jpgToday we headed for a Ukrainian Restaurant to check out some traditional food. I was quite hungry, and as usual, I let my eyes outweigh my stomach with how much I thought I could actually eat. The pelmeni that I had the other day was so good, that I wanted to try it again at this restaurant, so I ordered that as the appetizer. While looking through what was almost as heavy as a phone book, the menu offered pages and pages of typical Ukrainian food. I opted to have a serving of a potato type thing that had meat inside. Needlesstosay, everything was delicious, but definitely too much for my stomach to take in. So we ended up taking part of my dinner home :)

Evgeny then took me for a little ride as the girls went shopping and I stopped by the big ship statue along the Moscow river. Here Peter the Great stands bronzed at 94 meters tall. This was the first day I had seen the Moscow River frozen. I couldn’t believe it, just days before it was flowing like usual, and today it was completely frozen across the top. The designs made in the ice were interesting and I verified yet again that it was indeed cold :)

img_0777.jpgThat night, Evgeny, Katya and I headed around Moscow to let me do some night photography of the city. We stopped at several main sites around Red Square and the Kremlin and I had to weigh getting great shots with freezing to death! After about 15 minutes being out in the cold, you literally had to get back into some warmth. My hands weren’t as nimble on my camera after being out so long, and even the handwarmers would only keep part of my hands warm. That was the best idea to bring though! After our Night Tour of Moscow, we went to the bowling alley to get some bowling action in.

img_0830.jpgWe had a lane on the far end, and despite starting out pretty ok, then moving towards good, either fatigue, or tiredness of the same movement pushed me to start losing quite badly :( We all had a fun time laughing and chatting, and it was definitely a fun event to enjoy each other’s company. Evgeny and Katya remind me that these things they never do when in their normal routines, and I admit too, it’s something so simple that seems to escape our daily lives–why is it I don’t explore San Francisco more when I live in the heart of it?

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