Vatican and Sistine Chapel

This morning I got up early to go wait in a never ending line to see the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. I don’t know about other travelers, but I really do get tired of Museums. I mean it’s not that it isn’t nice stuff to look at, but really, how long can you look at a picture. Also, after paying ¬ 7 for almost every museum, it gets to the point where you would just rather enjoy yourself watching people outside in the city. Which I did, last night. I went to the Spanish Steps, and watched people get portraits done, and a really nice sunset. It was nice just to relax. Anyhow, back to the museum. After tromping through crowds and crowds following signs to the Sistine Chapel, I felt like I was going in circles, and each room you enter you wonder if it’s the chapel yet or not.

Anyhow, I find the chapel, and I must say it was impressive to think he painted all that stuff on the ceiling. The coolest picture of course is that famous one where God is reaching out to Adam I think and touching each other’s fingers. Cool, but I think it is a little over rated. Anyhow, I left and headed for some lunch and to the internet café to look for some apartments and do email…next I am going to the Bone Crypt in Piazza del Barberini!

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