Venice Day!


This morning started out with rain so I was hoping and hoping for a nice day. By 10:00 it seemed to have pretty much cleared up. So Luke and I headed out for touring the town. Actually Venice does not have that many places to visit other than the Cathedral and St. Marcs Piazza. We wandered the streets, got some lunch, and looked around taking pictures. One thing Venice is famous for is for masks. They have some really nice ones, so I ended up buying a nice one for my new apartment. It should be a good souvenir, just a pain to carry around. Luckily it is light and has a bag, and I have learned again, just because of a sandwich incident (we could not find the place we wanted to eat at the beginning) that if I pass up something I want, I probably will not see it again here. It is very true because I have not seen a mask like mine since! Good thing I bought it! CIAO!

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