Weekend Getaway to Yosemite!

So Thursday and Friday, I left work to ‘telecommute’ and headed for the hills in Yosemite.

Joe and I started off the morning getting our stuff together ready for the trip–and everything was going as planned, except Joe locked the keys in the car! So we headed over to the Honda dealership and got another key made and came back to use it. We got in, but since that pushed our departure back, we figured we might as well have lunch at the good Italian Deli down in Little Italy. After lunch, we moseyed on our way toward Gilroy, where there are a lot of factory outlets. Here, we went to look for some cheap hiking boots for our trip to Yosemite. But, alas, as it’s factory outlet, we ended up finding some good bargains on clothing as well :)

We then spent more time than expected there, pushing our arrival into the Tenaya Lodge back til late evening. On our drive up through the winding roads, we saw some leftover snow, but mostly drizzly rain.

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