Weekend Trip to Tahoe

This weekend, my friends from work and I trekked up to Tahoe for the weekend at our Corporate cabin. When I received the address of the cabin, it said Truckee, CA, which is an area near Tahoe city. The interesting thing about that however, is that an old friend dating back to elementary school, Anya Miller, had just sent me her new contact information saying that she moved to Truckee, CA. So, I got in contact, and we were able to meet for the first time in almost 6 years, in Tahoe. So, when Kate and I got to ‘Soul & Sushi’ for dinner, we waited for Anya. In walked Anya, and it was like we hadn’t lost contact at all. We had an amazing night catching up, chatting, and getting to one another better. She’s dating Charlie, who is from Washington, as is Kate. It turns out that Kate’s best friend from college went to high school prom with Charlie. Aren’t these connections just amazing?

Anyhow, we went to Northstar for snowboarding. The slopes were pretty good, I have been on better ones to my liking. It was a rowdy weekend, and we actually only snowboarded one day due to extreme tiredness after the entire day previous. Next time though, I really want to do Squaw Valley–it looked great!

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  1. hi ben,
    greg here visiting the AWESOME-EST website in the world. I miss not talking to ya…hope all is well!

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