Zipcar — Caught

ziplogo.gifLast weekend when I had my potluck, I had rented my zipcar to run the errands. This was the first time that I had waited out in front of my zipcar garage and not had the car waiting on me. Not only was it not there, but it took an extra 30 minutes before I got it (I contacted Zipcar and they said the other person was late). I thought it was odd that I wasn’t compensated for having to sit there for another 30 minutes waiting for this car, nor was I offered a driving credit–they simply just moved my reservation to the next time slot.

Anyhow, after I finished my errands, I made it back to my apartment in perfect timing to have the car back. So I parked it out front with the hazard lights as I went to deliver my items to my refrigerator.  Once inside, the phone rang and I started talking about the evening, then I put the groceries away, then I wandered into my bedroom and continued picking up things. I then went for a shower, and you know, just took my time hanging out in my apartment making sure everything was ready. All the while, my little zipcar was sitting out front, completely abandoned, and completely charging me an arm and a leg for being late :(.

Right when I realized what I had done (it was only until I was walking outside to get a bag of ice, and saw my car sitting there, I raced as fast I could to drop the car off thinking, maybe they wouldn’t know, or that I could say, i was parked in the right spot, but I forgot to check it in, but nope. I couldn’t think of anything that would save this fault–My bill came and I was charged $100 late fee :( Lesson learned! PARK THE CAR!

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