All around Tokyo, then Dinner at Omotesando


Today, after breakfast I headed to Asakusa to take some pictures of the temple there. Turns out that there was a pretty big Fireworks festival that night, so everyone had donned their yukatas for the event. Got some great photos, and did some shopping, then headed for my beloved Shibuya to hang out. There I got a call on the cell from Kano and we decided to meet up in Roppongi to go to the Roppongi Hills Observation deck. Again, great photo ops, and we then headed to dinner on her favorite, Ometesando Dori. We ate a great place called Las Chicas, and had some risotto and ravioli. After a nice long dinner we walked back to Shibuya because the weather was nice, and then after some more pictures headed for the subway to go home. Yet another great day seeing Tokyo.

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