Anne FrankHuis

Yes, this morning, I was able to go to the Anne Frank House, located just a 5 minute walk from the hostel. Good thing I went when I did, because as I was leaving, a line had already formed. I figured today would be a good day because it was a little rainy and gloomy.

First off, this place was incredible. I can’t believe as I walked in the door, that it had been where the Franks hid for 2 years! The stairs were so steep, the information for all the exhibits were pretty good, though I was surprised at how small the exhibition was. Anyhow, you go then to the hideout, where you walk through the bookcase that hid the annex. I couldn’t believe it as I walked in, that that’s the same door that Anne herself touched over 50 years ago. Moreso than that, going into her bedroom, seeing the pictures on the wall she had pasted, and watching the videos and such, it was truly an awesome place to see. They’ve done a lot with the technology there now, where you can look at a computer screen and take virtual tours, or look at more information about the people (the Frank family, Miep and such) or a timeline to get the order of the events that took place. Anyhow, it was a must-see for me, and I’m so glad I was able to see it, without the hindrance of so many people walking around in my way of the exhibitions.

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