Arrival in Hamilton Island

After my flight, I arrived on Hamilton Island and enjoyed the warm air awaiting my luggage to be dropped out. We then all headed for a ferry that brought us to the mainland, and then waited on a bus that would bring us to Airlie Beach. The weather was fantastic, and I hurried along to make sure I could reach the check in time of 9:00pm at Bush Village. I got picked up at the bus station by Russ, the Canadian driver for the Bush Village, and we headed back for met to get into my room. In my room was Nadia, a german girl who had been traveling for a couple of months. I then headed to the main area for the rest of the movie with some people staying there. Then, Nadia came up, with her Australian mate Bianca, and we headed out for a night on the town. We ended up at Magnum’s, a cheesy spring break looking hangout, which is on this Floridian looking strip. Why is it all beach cities seem to look like Florida?? Anyhow, we met up with another german girl, and a swedish guy and hung out for a couple hours before I needed to turn in for the night–as I am leaving for my sailing trip in the morning!

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