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Since I moved to Australia, you tend to keep your ears open about things that you know you have to do, but are yet ready to do it. Such as, going to the dentist. I had heard from other people what a terrible experience they have had before, so I wanted to make sure that I didn’t go through the same thing–especially since I’ve been lucky to have amazingly healthy teeth despite all the timtam intake I’ve had :). So, when my friend Leandro had mentioned how he liked his dentist, I made sure to get the details. So I too made an appointment. It HAS been 7 months since I’ve been in Australia–hard to believe! So, I called and made the appointment, and asked how much it would be. I really get annoyed when I ask such a simple question, and the receptionist, who I’m sure handles the bill pay at the end of the appointment, can only answer by saying, we cannot quote anything. All I want to know is it $6 or $600, and she still wouldn’t tell me.

When the day came of my appointment today, I made sure to ask what the method of everything was. She still wouldn’t tell me how much, and with that frustration, I went in not sure what to expect. Of course, they tried to upsell everything in the office, I was surprised he didn’t even offer me the little water fountain next to the chair. After a 30 minute cleaning and a ‘You’ve got pretty good teeth’ I was sent out with a bill of $225. After gasping and asking for a repeat, she said it again. I couldn’t believe it. I felt robbed, cheated and moreover, shocked. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t warn me beforehand of such an expense, and as Australians have been quite famous in my book for not knowing how anything works or goes on here, I was unable to be advised properly by any of my friends. For some reason, no one knows how much things cost, or where to find things etc. It’s been quite an experience. So needless to say, I will not be going to the dentist again during my stay in Australia.

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  1. oh, it’s such a pleasure to visit dentist and hear every time: “why r u here? your teeth are good” ))
    and here, in Dimitrovgrad, they don’t take money for such a look ))
    that’s great indeed!

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