Bay of Fires

I awoke early in the morning to go to the Laudromat slash cafe for breakfast. Had a good breakfast and headed for the Bay of Fires to do another small walk along the beach. The big boulders here had red lichen on them that made them look like they were on fire. That coupled with beautiful blue green waters made for such a beautiful bay. After walking along the beach, I then headed towards Launceston, to spend my last night in Tasmania. Along the way I stopped for lunch in a tiny town called Derby that was made famous for derby racing in early years. After derby, drove through smaller towns until hitting Launceston. Launceston is the other major city in Tasmania, and by major, I mean, it has retail shops and street lights. I found my hostel, and walked around exploring the town. Since it was Sunday, most everything was closed.

That evening, I headed to Irish Murphey’s, a bar pub with apparently good food. I had a great grill mix full of chicken, steak, grilled vegetables, etc. After dinner I got a chocolate/coffee milkshake. I then went back to the hostel and watched TV with some other people. One was an american girl doing her masters in journalism down in Hobart, and the other was a guy from Melbourne who was moving to Tasmania.

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