Beach day at Playa Grande

Today we wanted a relaxing day at the beach so after sleeping in, we had our breakfast and soon after, Cristina, andres’ aunt graciously offered to take us to Tagonga beach for the day.

During our drive we went on the outskirts of town and I learned another sad fact about Colombia. There is a rail system that transports minerals and such in the country, yet absolutely no public or passenger train system. The government really did a disservice to their country by making people immobile. And it made me realize how government is the failure or success of a country’s progress.

After taking the beautiful drive through a mountain pass to Tagonga, we headed for boats that would take you to beaches nearby. We took a quick 15 boat ride to Playa Grande, and found a spot on this less crowded beach. The sun was bright and the water a great cool temperature.

There were guys offering beach massages and after watching one, I decided that I’d give it a shot. I mean $7 for a 30 minute massage on the beach seemed like a great deal!

Lying on a mat directly on the beach, coconut oil was drizzled on my back and he massage started. The cool thing was as the sand blew around, it almost gave an exfoliant as well. The best part was after each rubdown, cool water was poured all over. It was so refreshing and after our huge hike, couldn’t have been better timed.

After spending several hours at the beach, we headed back in a boat to meet his aunt. We went back to their house and had a delicious spaghetti meal made by Feride.

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