BeachComber Island


We decided to go to Beachcomber Island, which is well known for its younger crowd. Off the coast of Fiji, and about a 25 minute boat ride, you reach the isolated oasis in the middle of blue waters. Along the ride, was a bunch of younger people, and we met Lindsay from South Carolina who had been studying abraod in Australia for the semester and traveling there on her way back home. We also met two girls from Montreal named Kelly and Ashley. We all chatted the entire way to the island and had a blast. It reminded me so much of my times traveling in Asia and Europe where I would meet up with the greatest people just by chance and in communal ‘dorm’ type living.


The beaches surrounding the island were white with sand and as we landed, we took our first steps in the warm South Pacific, and headed for the hostel. We didn’t have any reservations, and I suppose it was a bit risky, but they have 160 beds available in their dorm, so we figured we had a good chance. We got a great group of beds with Charlie, Matt, and Tom from the UK. It was on the second floor that looked down to all the rest of the beds, so in a way it was a ‘luxurious’ loft. After check in, we all met at the beach and sunbathed. After a while, we moseyed in for dinner which is signified by the playing of drums. We all sat together and had great steaks, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. They had said at the airport the food at Beachcomber was the best food in the Fiji islands, and I was not disappointed.

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