Beautiful Day and Evita!


Today turned out to be a most gorgeous day! Woke up and left Hilda´s place and headed for the pedestrian streets past the Avenue of July 9 with the huge obelisk. This is the widest avenue in the world, and it takes quite a while to cross! After a Submarine (a glass of steamed milk and a chocolate ´submarine´ for you to melt in the milk, I headed for the Galleria Pacifico and found a great leather jacket. I put it on hold to ensure that it´s actually an Argentine company and good quality leather.

I then headed to lunch with a new friend Jason, who is a freelance writer living in Buenos Aires for the past 5 years. We headed to walk around Palermo´s neighborhoods, and then on to Córdoba and then over to Recoleta to the cemetery to see Eva Perón´s grave. There were little kitties sitting everywhere– apparently to kill mice and rats.


We then went to the Law Faculty where there´s a huge mechanical statue of a flower that opens and closes to the sense of light. It was a gift from some rich Argentine to the nation during their crisis in 2001. I think I got some great pictures of it.

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