Beautiful pristine waters and black beachs of Amed


Amed was our best stop. This isolated place has no electricity after 11pm, and has no restaurants, shops or anything. It’s an area where farmers live, and there are only about 3 places you can stay>> Good Karma being one of them. The beaches were black, and the water absolutely gorgeous. We bargained for a hut on the beach. This humongous bungalow was made completely from woven material (like banana leaves I believe) and bamboo. The back porch was perched above the land and we had a little back yard that led to the ocean. There were two beds on the back porch, so you could listen to the ocean as you sleep. This was the most amazing place I could ever imagine. Paradise. Absolute paradise. We stayed there for a large amount of time. Then after our stay, made our way to the center of the island to see the volcano. That night we stayed in a hostel near the volcano to be ready to fly home the next day. We made our way tiredly back to Japan the next day.

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