Bodrum and Fethiye

Arriving in Bodrum at night, I got the HavaÅ¡ bus toward Bodrum to meet Robert at his friend’s house. I was let off after a complicated dialog wth the bus driver not really knowing whether or not he understood where I wanted to be let off.

Luckily, my phones data allowed me to text and coordinate which way to walk to Robert and I was only a few minutes away.

I was glad to be in a home for a couple of days to rest and plan our trip.

We went to Bodrum after a great turkish breakfast and ended up planning a bit of our trip with the idea of going in a circle to hit all the sites. We then took a bus into town and spent the day strolling along the streets filled with all sorts of shops that led to the beach.

We spent the afternoon walking around enjoying the beautiful scenery and planning out an exciting itinerary for the rest of our time in Turkey. After confirming tickets, and playing phone tag with a guy in Istanbul who had given me information about a boat cruise, we finished an amazing itinerary for seeing and experiment the best of Turkey.

We then had dinner and headed home as the next morning, we would head for Fethiye to begin our journey around Turkey.

We took a bus to Fethiye after all and arrived after our journey to the bus station where we waited to be picked up by our hostel. We checked in and headed to the fish market for a fresh seafood dinner.

Wandering around the market we happened upon a restaurant being run by a family. The daughter offered for us to come eat where we pick out our fish together at the market, and they cook it for us.

The woman was short with brown hair and had a fun sarcasm that made us laugh. She lead us to the fish counter where we picked out a red snapper and two shrimp and prawn for dinner.

I was excited after eating a lot of meat since being in Turkey, to get some seafood for a change.

After strolling along the shopping streets we got back to the hostel to rest before our trip on a gulet along the Lycian coast of Turkey.


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