Christmas Flight

Today I flew out to Frankfurt. I had an ok flight, didn’t sleep much, and it seemed to be one of the longest flights I had ever been on. Most of that was probably due to the lady that sat next to me, who talked in a 9ft voice, instead of the 3in. voice acceptable in close quarters. Anyhow, I arrived early at the airport, and waited out in front of the customs gate for Jürgen to arrive. It was just 10 minutes before I saw him walking toward the gate. I was so excited to be there! We went out front, and Eli was waiting in the car. The snow was really nice to see, and I really started feeling like I was really in Germany!

When we came to Jürgen’s house, I thought it was so nice! It really looked Japanese to me, the way everything was so modern and new looking. I met his parents, and was so happy to be in their home. I took a nap, because Eli’s brother was having a birthday party that day that we were going to. So, that evening, I got to meet Eli’s mother, and her brothers, Robert and Sebastian. They were all so amazingly nice, and I’m always so impressed how people can speak English, without being in the US or an English-speaking country.

I was dead-tired, but dedicated to staying up until night to get off of jet lag.

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