Class, inner city prison food, and the Thai Embassy


Class is horrible. This training is so intense and long, I’ve never been so exhausted and feeling this unhealthy. The unhealthy part is because I definitely feel I’m not getting enough food and the right kind of it. They have it catered from what I would see in an inner city school system, and they have us eating with less than plastic strength forks and spoons-no knives, so we have to cut chicken with a spoon. We’re eating on plastic plates and have things served like
vegetarian salmon, grease filled hash browns, mayo tuna, etc. Being in Asia, it’s disappointing to be missing out on the culinary tastes and fed jail food. During lunch yesterday, Rob and I turned to each other while trying to saw through a piece of chicken with a spoon and agreed that we couldn’t believe we were at a Corporate Headquarters of a global, multi-billion dollar company, that has recruited so much talent, and trying to find edible food to tide us over until we get to leave at 7pm.

Once we got home, we went to the Thai Embassy with two of our Thai
colleagues-there was a Thai food festival going on, and they had classic Thai food. We had a really good dinner out on the lawn of the Embassy, and enjoyed finally being able to eat food.

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