Day in Porto Madero and Palermo


Leo has been gracious enough to spend time taking me around and showing me the city. His knowledge of the history and politics of Argentina really amaze me.. This morning, the sun was bright and we headed for Porto Madero, the port where all the immigrants arrived into Argentina. It used to be quite run down, but it is being rejuvinated with new residences and high rise office buildings. Leo´s university was there as well.


We then headed back for the Plaza de Mayo. Today was a national holiday of the flag, and on our way, we stopped at the church that Belgrano, the creator of the flag, is at rest. We then walked around the Plaza de Mayo, and went to the A Line Subway, as it was the oldest, and has wooden made cars. Unfortunately, the train that came was one of the new ones, so I didn´t get to see any of the old trains. We rode down a few stations to the Congress building, which is strikingly similar to DC´s capitol building. We also went into the Catholic Dome located here, and then headed to meet Maxi for lunch in Palermo.

We had a great lunch and then walked around the fairs of Palermo SoHo a trendy neighborhood. I didn´t really find anything I wanted to buy, so as the sun was still up, I decided to walk around more to see if I could find any other photoops during the daylight.

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