Day Trip to Garrie Beach

Today, I headed down to the Quay to meet up with Paula, Sarah and Ben to drive down to Garrie Beach in a national park. It was great to see some scenery as we headed off for the beach. After winding through some back roads, we finally hit the beach and carried the surf boards out to our spot on the sand. The wind was pretty strong, and sand whipped across us at times, but the sun was warm. The water down south was absolutely cold, and I just didn’t even want to be completely submerged, so trying out surfing took a back seat today. Apparently the surf board was mad, because while I was standing, a gust of wind picked up the surfboard from the ground and slammed it into my thigh as it was going to blow onwards — if I hadn’t been standing there, Paula and Sarah would have been completely knocked by it! Anyhow, the day was spent relaxing and enjoying the sun. Thanks guys for a great day!

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